April 10, 2010

One might wonder if I’m writing anything other than a blog.  I do indeed have some projects going on.

The first is a work of fan fiction.  When I started, I was unfamiliar with fanfic.  For the uninitiated like I was, fan fiction is based on an existing story, movie, TV show, etc.  The author modifies, builds on or spins off from the original story.

My project is in a science fiction realm.  The working title is A Match Made in Space.  (The first person who knows that reference gets their name painted on a moon rock!)  I’ll shorten the title to MatchMIS here for my own mirth.  It’s actually a series of three books, but I’m treating it as one big project.

I started writing MatchMIS to mollify my inner child, who felt tragically violated by profiteers profaning the sacred ground of his youth.  But I’ve hit upon a better reason to keep writing.  Authors should not expect their first works to be published.  Fan fiction can be distributed, but not sold.  So I’m writing because I want to—and that should be the point.

The left side of my brain is continually embarrassed and befuddled that I’m writing MatchMIS at all.  As a concession to the LB’s embarrassment, I won’t be giving many details until it is complete—as in I will have edited the entire work and someone else will have proofread it.  Don’t hold your breath.  I’m estimating this project will take until 2017 or 2020.  I may update statistics on word counts or something similarly useless along the way.

Nanoo nanoo.


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