Chcek Spellnig Befroe Positng

April 27, 2010

In times past, I cursed myself for mistyping words into the computer.  I felt like I was competing and a red line under the misspelled word was a point for the other team.

Writing Sci-Fi has changed my perspective.  I’m still irritated when I see red lines these days, but I read the misspelled words before pounding over them.  Sci-Fi transforms misspellings into opportunities.  Any one of them might be, or at least inspire, a great name for a person or a planet.

There are duds, of course.  “Borf,” for instance, is a bad Sci-fi name for anything other than alien excrement—which rarely needs to be named.

Typing along in MatchMIS I often need a new, perfect-for-the-context name.  Sometimes I roll right into it.  Other times I stare at the keyboard and wonder how anyone ever comes up with an original word using just twenty-six letters.

(Now that I think about it, I’m keeping “borf.”  Don’t get any ideas.)


One comment

  1. I just watched the movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. A street artist uses the tag “Borf”.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borf. It has underground cultural relevance. :-)

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