Is It on DVD Yet?

May 18, 2010

The complete Daria animated series just came out on DVD.  I barely restrained myself from buying it online instantly.  But since I’m apparently one of those what-do-I-buy-for-him? kind of people, I didn’t.  (Dear cousin Cecilia: hint, hint.)

Daria, if you don’t know, was a savvy animated series that aired, with supreme irony, on MTV.  It was a spinoff of the juvenile Beavis and Butthead (which I cannot, unfortunately, disparage without lamentable hypocrisy).  I suppose the show’s lineage is something akin to Lisa Simpson being the offspring of Homer.

I never knew the regular air time for Daria during its original run.  Happening upon re-run marathons made for happy diversions—lying shiftlessly on the couch and laughing cynically with the fashion-challenged star.

A few years ago I was possessed by a hankering to own a Daria DVD.  I was bewildered and dismayed that it was not available.  (I can, however, buy Perfect Strangers on DVD, which is better suited for Yucca Mountain than innocent DVD players.)  I think some other people were waiting to hear Daria’s monotone again, too.  Her popularity is up 523% on IMDB as of this writing.

If my blog comes to a screeching halt, please ask my neighbors to break in and pull me away from the television.  You’d better tell them to bring tasers.


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