Sacred Oaths

June 21, 2010

I am a stand-in date for a girlfriend of mine on occasions when her husband is unenthused by a cultural event she’d like to attend.  (I’m sure there’s a shorthand term for this—Gescort? Gay Man’s Burden?)  Last year we took in a two-person musical called I Do, I Do, written in 1967.  (If you’ve not heard of it, trust me, you need not put it on your bucket list.)

A nice church attended by nice people put on this nice play in their not-so-nice basement.  The church was working a theme—they wanted to celebrate the sacrament of marriage and honor couples in their congregation who exemplify the revered institution.  The church served wedding cake and presented roses to spouses celebrating anniversaries or many years of marriage.

I was tragically unaware of all this when we arrived.  A kindly woman greeted my date and me at the door.  Her eyes sparkling, she asked, “Oh, are the two of you married?”

The Irish pub philosopher in me was bewildered by our greeter’s crestfallen face when I announced, “Not until she divorces her husband!”



  1. Bwahahahahaha!!!! I’m laughing all over again!!

  2. I’m young and still I am roped into shopping trips, lunch dates, and the occasional gaming convention by my girlfriends whose respective boyfriends are uninterested. I appreciate it, though sometimes it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Gay men, the newest perfect accessory?

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