Six Memorable Words

August 24, 2010

I attended a one-day seminar on writing memoirs.  We touched on six-word memoirs, the subject of Not Quite What I Was Planning.  This book compiles many six-word memoirs from SMITH Magazine.

The concept is to boil down poignant memories and themes from life into six words.  Creativity and profundity theoretically blossom through the exercise.  Some examples: “Born in the desert, still thirsty,” (Georgene Nunn)  or “tears fall onto paper, into words” (kathi_wright on www.sixwordmemoirs.com)

I was at a loss for six words during the class.  I kept trying for a week.  Here’s what I have so far:

Born, ate, slept, worked, tried-to-cram-in-everything-else-that-really-mattered-to-me-before-, died.

I don’t know that I’ve quite got the concept.



  1. hahahahahahahaha! It reminds me of Haiku poetry! Elizabeth Gilbert has it down to just 3… no wait, make that 5: Eat, Pray, Love, cash in. ;O)

  2. SMITH Mag intern says keep trying!

    When you write some good six-worders that you like, share them with us at sixwordmemoirs.com.

    Thanks for mentioning us!
    Alyssa, SMITH intern

  3. So … I shouldn’t expect the book contract in this week’s mail?

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