May 27, 2011

I’ve written lots of first drafts for blog entries this year.  First drafts don’t really count, I suppose.

Subconsciously, I’ve developed a cumbersome set of rules for what I should and shouldn’t be saying on the blog.  The list is getting lengthy.  I’ve been telling myself that posts:

  • shouldn’t be too short.
  • shouldn’t be too long.
  • must be written well.
  • must have a point.
  • must be funny.
  • shouldn’t be frivolous.
  • should be profound.
  • cannot be depressing.
  • must appeal to any random web surfer.
  • should be personal.
  • shouldn’t be all about me.
  • et cetera

Needless to say, I’ve ruled myself out of blogging a lot lately.

So, throwing caution to the wind, this is my post for today:  It was another overcast day in Indy.  Half the world will be dropping by this weekend to watch cars drive fast and turn left.  The 500 in Indy is something akin to Christmas.  The town shuts down, your whole family descends on you and everybody eats fried chicken.  (I suppose the last part isn’t Christmasy.)  But by next Tuesday, only the people who have won their office pool will be able to remember the winner of the race.

Have a great holiday.


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