Seven Sentence Review: Million Dollar Quartet

December 16, 2011


First National Tour, Indianapolis, December 13, 2011

Previous productions I’ve seen: 0

Million Dollar Quartet, riffing off the Jersey Boys theme, recounts the December 1956 Sun Records recording session with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.  All the performers played their own instruments onstage with an infectious joy; Lee Ferris’ (Carl Perkins) guitar, Martin Kaye’s (Jerry Lee Lewis) piano and Derek Keeling’s (Johnny Cash) voice were all crowd-pleasers.

The one-act show worked well as a concert, as a piece of nostalgia and as a documentary.  For a theatre piece, however, the story lines—while interesting—failed to be involving.  I was often thinking to myself, Oh, shut up and sing.

All of that notwithstanding, Cody Slaughter’s performance as Elvis is worth the price of admission.  Slaughter is not just a spot-on, energetic and charismatic Elvis impersonator—he is Elvis re-incarnated.

Cody Slaughter - yes, seriously


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