About Rubicon

Welcome to Rubicon.  I’m Craig Stevenson, your host and author.

I started Rubicon in April 2010 to take a journey from authoring fantasy to authoring reality.  I post two or three times a month, on average.  Rubicon contains over 90 posts, which is quite a lot, considering I’m an introvert who doesn’t like to finish things.

Hypothetical Frequently Asked Questions:

(Since no one has asked any questions, I’ve made some up.)

What have you learned since you started blogging?

  • That I can draft many more posts than I can finish.
  • That I need to let my goals slide every so often and do some things just for fun.
  • That Rubicon doesn’t attract as many hateful people as I feared it might.
  • That I had more to say about car windows than I realized.

What are your favorite posts in Rubicon?

Here are a few that I enjoy rereading once in a while:

How did you create such a cool look for your blog?

Easy!  I didn’t.  My banner and most of the photography you see are the work of my friend Michelle Codarmaz-Booth.  I posted a brief collection of her photography here.  (If you’d like to have Michelle take great pictures for you, contact her at  shtale14@hotmail.com.  Michelle asks that you include “Rubicon” in your email subject line so she doesn’t think you’re spam.)

What else are you writing?

I’m writing a science fiction novel, Vesta-Ceres, and recklessly posting chapters as I go.  My friend Casady Williamson has been improving the end product greatly by proofreading for me. I’m hoping to finish before both of us enter retirement homes.

Are you really a writer?

Do you want to get kicked?  The occupation listed on my tax returns is “mechanical engineer.”  I’m registered in the State of Indiana and I’ve worked in aerospace, pharmaceutical, steel alloy and fiberglass industries.

Why did you name your blog Rubicon?

In January, 49 BC, Julius Caesar sparked civil war in Rome by marching his legion across the Rubicon River.  Hence the popular phrase “crossing the Rubicon,” meaning to commit oneself irrevocably.  The romantic in me wanted a title that inspired a similar carpe diem attitude.

Do you have an email address where one might address flames?

Sure.  cmxstevenson@yahoo.com

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