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Vesta-Ceres – The Beginning

June 12, 2010

I’ve started a new project.  It’s a serialized book called Vesta-Ceres.  I haven’t finished the book.  It’s in progress.  I’m going to post chapters as they are completed.  I’m hoping to post at least one a month.

Some readers who like follow-through and orderliness may wonder what has gotten into me.  I was supposed to be working on MatchMIS.  Here’s the story: my post on April 10 gave me pause.  2017 or 2020 is a long way away.  My main reason for writing MatchMIS was that I couldn’t make myself think about anything else.  No other stories interested me.

Realizing that I’d be putting mountains of effort into a work of fiction that could never hope to offer any gratification other than personal accomplishment, I did some brainstorming.  Here’s an exercise I think that any writer looking for an idea should try:  You’re at a brainstorming session at Pixar.  What do you bring to the meeting?  What kind of ideas do you throw out?  What ideas do you imagine other people throw out?

My brainstorming session produced a couple of workable ideas.  I feel Vesta-Ceres is a strong enough concept to keep my interest and it would be an accomplishment to write.  I’ve developed a general outline of the plot.  But outside of that, I’m writing with wild abandon.  I may very well paint myself into a corner, like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.  We’ll see how it turns out.  But it will be a little more gratifying: Vesta-Ceres is my own story, so I can share it with everyone as it develops.

Vesta-Ceres will be a Sci-Fi adventure book, if all goes as planned.  You’ll need to click on the Vesta-Ceres page on the sidebar to see it.  I’ll post chapters on the page, but I’ll also have a PDF available if you’d prefer to read it that way.

Thanks for reading! – Craig


Chcek Spellnig Befroe Positng

April 27, 2010

In times past, I cursed myself for mistyping words into the computer.  I felt like I was competing and a red line under the misspelled word was a point for the other team.

Writing Sci-Fi has changed my perspective.  I’m still irritated when I see red lines these days, but I read the misspelled words before pounding over them.  Sci-Fi transforms misspellings into opportunities.  Any one of them might be, or at least inspire, a great name for a person or a planet.

There are duds, of course.  “Borf,” for instance, is a bad Sci-fi name for anything other than alien excrement—which rarely needs to be named.

Typing along in MatchMIS I often need a new, perfect-for-the-context name.  Sometimes I roll right into it.  Other times I stare at the keyboard and wonder how anyone ever comes up with an original word using just twenty-six letters.

(Now that I think about it, I’m keeping “borf.”  Don’t get any ideas.)



April 10, 2010

One might wonder if I’m writing anything other than a blog.  I do indeed have some projects going on.

The first is a work of fan fiction.  When I started, I was unfamiliar with fanfic.  For the uninitiated like I was, fan fiction is based on an existing story, movie, TV show, etc.  The author modifies, builds on or spins off from the original story.

My project is in a science fiction realm.  The working title is A Match Made in Space.  (The first person who knows that reference gets their name painted on a moon rock!)  I’ll shorten the title to MatchMIS here for my own mirth.  It’s actually a series of three books, but I’m treating it as one big project.

I started writing MatchMIS to mollify my inner child, who felt tragically violated by profiteers profaning the sacred ground of his youth.  But I’ve hit upon a better reason to keep writing.  Authors should not expect their first works to be published.  Fan fiction can be distributed, but not sold.  So I’m writing because I want to—and that should be the point.

The left side of my brain is continually embarrassed and befuddled that I’m writing MatchMIS at all.  As a concession to the LB’s embarrassment, I won’t be giving many details until it is complete—as in I will have edited the entire work and someone else will have proofread it.  Don’t hold your breath.  I’m estimating this project will take until 2017 or 2020.  I may update statistics on word counts or something similarly useless along the way.

Nanoo nanoo.